• We are actively seeking consulting firms and software companies to champion our AGI software for solving complex problems that can only be easily described in English.
  • We are also open to dialogue with large banks or government agencies looking at potential real world AGI applications.  After initially checking over the problem area for suitability, we would create a consortium with a consultancy to explore the opportunity further.
  • If you have large, complex, and confusing specifications controlling multibillion-dollar projects, we are sure Active Structure can greatly assist what you do.
  • If you are a Research or Educational organisation and think you can add intellectual firepower to the development of a new knowledge paradigm or the training of people who would use it, let us know.
  • We see this technology as breaking the Four Pieces Limit (a limit we all have) allowing humanity to solve problems in a way it has never been able to do before. We have a vision for this which transcends the technology  –  If you would like to be part of this vision, let us know.

 To discuss further, please fill out the form, giving us some idea of the problem area or your proposed contribution.



Address:  Arthur Avenue Cronulla,

Sydney, NSW, Australia 2230

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