People look at how easily people drive cars. Very little training involved, and then quite reasonable skill. We need to be sure what we are competing against. A human has stereoscopic vision and kinesthesis. That is, they can focus on something, and by use of the positions of the eyes, the angle of rotation of the head, the angle of the neck to the body, accurately locate the object relative to themselves. They have an acceleration detector located in “the seat of their pants”. They have reasonable hearing, again with directionality.They have an unconscious mind, continually running multiple scenarios – the truck is moving out of its lane, there is an unattended small child on the edge of the pavement, that pothole looks nasty. This is all done unconsciously, so we are unaware just how much processing is going on. In short, a human is a formidable machine, which we should respect. When driving at night, in heavy rain or fog, they are continually creating a model of the environment, and using what few clues there are to keep it up to the minute. An ANN hasn’t a chance. And yet people can do incredibly stupid things that an autonomous vehicle would have to handle. 

But they’re close! 

Tell that to the business jet. After 6 years of technical development, a Tesla tried to go under the fuselage of a business jet, which happened to be parked in a car park. A human would never make that mistake, or at least would have approached a tight fit gingerly. Six years, and it still can’t measure itself against the available aperture.

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