An (Almost) Impossible Task

We are a small software company attempting to handle large, intractable problems. We describe some of those problems – if you think you can contribute, write to us. Listing your current skills won’t be of much use – better to pen a few words on one or more of the problems we list.

Job Requirements

You will need to be very superior (that is, in the top few percent) in all of Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and have an inquiring mind. You will be expected to be across all that we do, and we are too small to cover for any weaknesses you may have (being brilliant in one area, and attempting to move everything into that area won’t work). You will also need very superior error checking skill – the day when the machine can fix your errors is still a while off.

You will need to be able to spy on your unconscious mind, or at least infer from input and output the sorts of structures it builds to represent knowledge (this is harder than it sounds – your unconscious mind can handle vastly more variables than your conscious mind can – it, poor thing, is limited to four pieces of information in play at once, so basically it should be impossible to infer anything of what your unconscious mind is doing, but we won’t tell you it is impossible, just that it is hard).

You must be a native speaker of English, be comfortable with formal and informal English text (if your eyes glaze when you see legal or technical text, then probably not, although legal text is not a priority), and be a sophisticated user of the language. Here are some aspects of what we do – if you wish to send us your CV, please prune it to skills and experiences that are relevant (what you send us will already be a test of how much you have understood).

Some skills we would expect:

Systems Engineering – the ability to construct and manage a large and complex abstract self-learning structure, with sensitivity to speed, accuracy and the use of computer resources (this skill can be acquired on the job, if you have the right stuff).

Programming – We use Delphi Pascal, but programming is not what we are about – we assemble operators in an active structure to represent the structures of language, so the amount of programming skill you need is minimal (but not nonexistent). A skilled programmer would be very unhappy with the amount of control they would exercise over the system’s operation (virtually none).

We are located in Cronulla, a beachside suburb of Sydney. Much of the work, after initial orientation, could be done remotely – just you and the problem du jour (bit glib – the problems take years to resolve).

Send your details to

You will need to convince us a two hour online IQ test is called for, and then a more detailed personality assessment, to be sure you are going to be happy banging your head on a brick wall.

Why bang your head on a brick wall? – breaking that limit of four pieces of information in play will seem like a worthwhile goal to some people – particularly people charged with handling intractable problems