Active Semantics


A picture of a robot doesn’t do justice to the complex mechanism that is required for reading and ‘understanding” text. There are many hundreds of interoperating systems – to the point where the complexity is beyond our conscious level and we must do it unconsciously. This isn’t an option for a system using computing resources.

Knowledge Management

We may talk about reading machines, but we are really in the Knowledge Management business. The machine is a quick way of getting knowledge into a form which can be easily analysed (by a machine)and disseminated.


We are obviously not impartial when it comes to other technologies, but there is an awful lot of hot air being talked about LLMs at the moment. If an LLM is to be used as an amusing toy, fair enough. If you are thinking of giving it an important role, it might be useful to have a consultation. We know where some of the bodies are buried – an LLM can turn into the worst form of keyword searching, or it takes your input and completely ignores it, or it builds an internal graph and then can’t solve it. You can check some of our blog posts to see that we are keeping a close eye on the technology. Our email address: Our location: Sydney, Australia