Trademarks and Patents


Interactive Engineering is the holder of the trademarks OrionActive Structure and Garden of Knowledge  for software in Australia. Orion was a hunter in Greek mythology – in our case, a virtual and tireless Orion searches through a vast semantic structure.

Active Structure is trademarked in the US.

Knowledge Cultivation is trademarked in China.

We don’t do patents. We are interested in machine reading of English. The reading process involves so many strongly interdependent mechanisms that attempting to patent any aspect would be hopeless. In isolation, any part of the total machine would have no meaning. Together, they form a complex semanticsystem.

Red Horse

Orion The image is of the Horsehead Nebula, inside the Orion constellation.

Active Structure is a computer software technology where a structure is built and maintained in computer memory, a structure through which activity is distributed, and which is undirected and long-lived in its operation, dynamically extensible in its structure, and capable of self-modification of its own structure and of structural backtrack to a previous state. In other words, it is everything current software isn’t. A presentation.

Garden of Knowledge is a concept that relates the operations of gardening (planting out, pruning, grafting, trellising) to tending the knowledge structure in a person’s head or in a machine. See a presentation.